Women’s health

Polish women and the health of the report “UPS Health – Health Style of Poles”

How do we eat? What kind of lifestyle we? All areas associated with a healthy lifestyle have been explored in the report UPS Health – Style Health of Poles, “and here is a brief analysis of the lifestyle of Polish women.

WHO defines several types of health where account is taken of both mental and physical, as well as lifestyle and approach to the world, the distribution of these types of Polish women is as follows:

Correct optimists – 26%

Tired Heroin – 19%

Inconsolable eater- 12%

Escort Hedonist – 4%

Desperate rebel – 6%

Conscious Individuals – 10%

Cheerful Magi – 10%

Apparent Heartwood – 13%

According to the results of this report are women in 74% serve as Ambassadors of Health, this means that family members just to them, seek health advice.

59% of Polish women say they regularly takes research, but at the same time only 13% of us believe that everything should be done for your health. 85% declare that every day eats vegetables and fruit, and 21% is constantly on a diet. 46% of women in Poland are satisfied with their sex life. In contrast, only 9% of us smoke and declares that it will not throw smoking, while 19% consume alcohol at least once a week.