Symptoms of alcohol dependence

Heavy drinkers often do not realize they have a problem. One of the symptoms of addiction is so-called craving of alcohol, which is characterized by a number of factors.

Kazimierz: ‘Most often I was very irritated, annoyed and even angry. I feel anxiety, or sadness, despair and grief. I was jealous about people that could drink and I felt the shame associated with my feelings. I have a sense of guilt. ‘

This addiction is a serious problem because it is associated with body and mind. Problem is affecting primarily on the patient’s psyche but also conducive to his body. Specialists dealing with addiction are available there

The symptoms of craving alcohol are:

– Excessive sweating,

– Shaking hands,

– Headaches and muscle aches,

– Difficulty with sleeping, falling asleep, nightmares,

– Alcoholic dreams

– Dry hangover or symptoms that we have the influence of alcohol,

– Dry mouth,

– Palpitations, nausea, vomiting and fainting.

– Pressure spikes.