Pharmacy cosmetics

Derma, which is worth a look

Derma cosmetics otherwise known as are cosmetics with pharmaceutical are in fact available in pharmacies and although they can be used for healthy skin, they should ultimately support the treatment of skin diseases and dermatological problems. Among this type of cosmetics worth noting:

Nizoral – a dandruff shampoo, which very effectively cope with this problem. If available in drugstores shampoos do not help your dandruff, or worse yet it intensify, should purchase Nizoral. Available in the traditional form or in the form of sachets sold in pieces.

Dermedic HYDRAIN2 – it is a moisturizer for sensitive skin, dry and dehydrated. It has a delicate fragrance and light consistency. Moisturizes the skin, it is the Polish cosmetics, a very good price.

BETA-SKIN NATURAL ACTIVE CREAM – moisturizing cream, this, due to its chemical composition is classified as a medical product and is available in pharmacies. This is an excellent moisturizer which is also rumored to have anti-aging properties of the skin.