Does alcoholism have treatment

Alcoholism, like any other chemical dependency, can be resolved with specific treatment. The first and most difficult step, according to experts, would be to accept the disease, and seek medical help. Clinics such as, have several treatment solutions, which begins by helping the patient to recognize their problem and the need for treat themselves.

The nature of the treatment depends on the degree of dependence. Before starting the treatment of alcohol dependence, it is essential to make an accurate clinical evaluation to assess the type of treatment appropriate to each case. The population of alcohol dependents is quite heterogeneous. An alcoholic is only equal to the other if looked at from a distance. Suffering is always different.

Among the most indicated forms of treatment, we can mention the methods listed below.

  • Detoxification (the process of withdrawing alcohol from a person safely), usually performed for a few days under medical supervision, can counteract the acute effects of alcohol withdrawal.

  • Psychological counselling, to help the person identify situations and feelings that lead to the need to drink,

  • The use of medications, so that alcohol becomes aversive, or to lessen the compulsion for alcohol;

  • Therapy – which helps build new ways of dealing with difficult situations

  • Rehabilitation – Once the symptoms of abstinence crisis have been controlled, patients should be referred to rehabilitation programs whose goal is to help them live without alcohol in the bloodstream.

Family involvement and support are essential for recovery. Many programs offer marital counselling and family therapy as part of the treatment process.