Does alcoholism have treatment

Alcoholism, like any other chemical dependency, can be resolved with specific treatment. The first and most difficult step, according to experts, would be to accept the disease, and seek medical help. Clinics such as, have several treatment solutions, which begins by helping the patient to recognize their problem and the need for treat themselves.

The nature of the treatment depends on the degree of dependence. Before starting the treatment of alcohol dependence, it is essential to make an accurate clinical evaluation to assess the type of treatment appropriate to each case. The population of alcohol dependents is quite heterogeneous. An alcoholic is only equal to the other if looked at from a distance. Suffering is always different.

Among the most indicated forms of treatment, we can mention the methods listed below.

  • Detoxification (the process of withdrawing alcohol from a person safely), usually performed for a few days under medical supervision, can counteract the acute effects of alcohol withdrawal.

  • Psychological counselling, to help the person identify situations and feelings that lead to the need to drink,

  • The use of medications, so that alcohol becomes aversive, or to lessen the compulsion for alcohol;

  • Therapy – which helps build new ways of dealing with difficult situations

  • Rehabilitation – Once the symptoms of abstinence crisis have been controlled, patients should be referred to rehabilitation programs whose goal is to help them live without alcohol in the bloodstream.

Family involvement and support are essential for recovery. Many programs offer marital counselling and family therapy as part of the treatment process.

Outpatient treatment of alcohol problems

Commonly performed treatment of alcoholic addiction in special medical institutions. It is important that such institution have necessary equipment, specialists, as well as the department responsible for detoxification. Such resorts must have an out- patient department of the psychiatric, which also may be useful for the treatment of addiction. Excellent conditions when it comes to treatment of alcohol problems are in such institution available at

Objectives of outpatient treatment

Maximilian, the doctor: ‘Outpatient treatment is primarily intended to exclude any life- threatening things of patient life. This is exactly what methods will be used depends on the symptoms of the patient, the frequency and quantity of alcohol drinking as well as its involvement in the process of treatment. Outpatient treatment also allows to eliminate symptoms such as trembling hands, sweating or increased heart rate. As you might guess, there might be discontinuation related to the source of addiction. While outpatient treatment very important is the role of a psychiatrist who is responsible for the mental state of the patient. Such person must constantly support the patient through motivation, showing him the advantages of leaving the addiction. Extremely helpful, especially in difficult cases, it turns out pharmacology or administration of sick preparations that minimize artificial means craving. Pharmacology is used only as a last chance of treatment. ‘

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol dependence is a serious disorder primarily created as a result of many years, constantly repeated pattern of excessive drinking.

What caused the development of addiction?

A) Alcohol dependence is mainly caused by biological factors such as genetic background.

B) The other reason we include excessive drinking mental aptitude.

C) The last of the most frequent causes is the social factor, being in the company of drinkers.

The impact of addiction on the patient’s life

Addiction, not only alcohol but any other is associated primarily with the deterioration of patient function in society. They break down both trade and friendships. Addict loses his job, apartment and motivated to leave the habit. The treatment of addiction is a solution about which more information we find there It should also be noted that addiction is the cause of many health problems.

Medical treatment for addiction

Treatment of addiction is carried out in special medical facilities. The patient is subjected to a special detoxification treatment and psychotherapy. If these methods do not fully function can be promoted and the pharmaceutically, except that the drug treatment is necessary consent of the patient. If a patient such will not show, then he should only try to help him methods of psychological, therapeutic and by improving its relations with family, relatives and friends.

Symptoms of alcohol dependence

Heavy drinkers often do not realize they have a problem. One of the symptoms of addiction is so-called craving of alcohol, which is characterized by a number of factors.

Kazimierz: ‘Most often I was very irritated, annoyed and even angry. I feel anxiety, or sadness, despair and grief. I was jealous about people that could drink and I felt the shame associated with my feelings. I have a sense of guilt. ‘

This addiction is a serious problem because it is associated with body and mind. Problem is affecting primarily on the patient’s psyche but also conducive to his body. Specialists dealing with addiction are available there

The symptoms of craving alcohol are:

– Excessive sweating,

– Shaking hands,

– Headaches and muscle aches,

– Difficulty with sleeping, falling asleep, nightmares,

– Alcoholic dreams

– Dry hangover or symptoms that we have the influence of alcohol,

– Dry mouth,

– Palpitations, nausea, vomiting and fainting.

– Pressure spikes.

Symptoms of the alcohol addiction

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i. The basic symptoms of addiction is increasing the frequency of heavy drinking, drinking as a way of solving problems, as well as the consumption of alcohol in situations prohibited.

ii. Very often person does not see that he or she has a serious problem with alcohol. The amount of alcohol that is drinking is not controlled and often such person denies the fact that this is addiction. Situation like this mean the need for specialist help.

Psychotherapy of addictions- the main goals

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I. The institutions that take care of the patient offer both psychotherapy and medication. The main aims of psychotherapy is to maintain sustained abstinence of the patient, improving his health, both mental and physical, as well as give him appropriate attitudes and skills that can help in the fight against addiction.

II. Typically, psychotherapy is carried out for about two years, but its proper implementation gives you a good chance of recovery.

Methods of treatment of alcohol abuse

One of the most important thing in process of treatment an alcoholic abuse is to make ill person aware that he or she has a big problem with drinking alcohol. Very often this is also the most difficult problem because person that has an alcoholic problem does not see them. Nobody will stop drinking if he does not understand that he has a problem.

(A) During the treatment of addiction primarily is used psychological approach. It is important to talk with the patient.

(B) Also might be introduce a pharmacological treatment to support therapy. Sometimes, some people trying techniques of shock and herbal medicine.

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