Alcohol addiction

Alcohol dependence is a serious disorder primarily created as a result of many years, constantly repeated pattern of excessive drinking.

What caused the development of addiction?

A) Alcohol dependence is mainly caused by biological factors such as genetic background.

B) The other reason we include excessive drinking mental aptitude.

C) The last of the most frequent causes is the social factor, being in the company of drinkers.

The impact of addiction on the patient’s life

Addiction, not only alcohol but any other is associated primarily with the deterioration of patient function in society. They break down both trade and friendships. Addict loses his job, apartment and motivated to leave the habit. The treatment of addiction is a solution about which more information we find there It should also be noted that addiction is the cause of many health problems.

Medical treatment for addiction

Treatment of addiction is carried out in special medical facilities. The patient is subjected to a special detoxification treatment and psychotherapy. If these methods do not fully function can be promoted and the pharmaceutically, except that the drug treatment is necessary consent of the patient. If a patient such will not show, then he should only try to help him methods of psychological, therapeutic and by improving its relations with family, relatives and friends.